Guidelines For Proposal

Conference Proposal

The proposal for a conference should include the following items :

  1. Responsible team of the conference
  2. Site of the conference
  3. Travel facilities
  4. Accommodation facilities
  5. Proposed social activities
  6. Time schedule of the organization
  7. Budget of the conference

Conference Functioning

  1. A website must be provided for organization and registration
  2. The international program committee is to be determined by the conference team with advice and consent of the executive committee
  3. Two members of the executive committee will be assigned to oversee the planning and functioning of the conference, to ensure the characterizing quality of the IPMU conferences is followed.
  4. Submissions are evaluated on the basis of complete papers and not abstracts. A strict reviewing process is performed (two reviewers per communication) and no communication can be rejected with less than two referee reports
  5. Special sessions are accepted on the basis of their complete lists of participants and titles of communications, after a complete review process
  6. Plenary lectures are meant to reflect the full interest scope of the IPMU community. The list of plenary lecturers is established by the conference team with the advising consent of the executive committee
  7. The final program is subject to approval by the executive committee
  8. The announced deadlines are fulfilled
  9. The travel expenses of the executive directors and the two overseeing advisory board members to attend the conference and all appropriate meetings are supported by the organizers